Top 7 Hair Science Resources for the Real Tea on Hair Care

Hair Science ResourcesWant to get serious about transforming the health of your hair? Take the time to research factual information from resources that specialize in hair science. The internet is filled with an abundance of natural hair care knowledge these days, but there also is some misinformation that is spread from time to time. Like the inaccurate hair porosity test for example (learn more about the real way here).Here are the best of the best cosmetic hair scientists, websites and authors that you should check out:

Audrey Sivasothy, author of The Science of Black Hair

black hair scienceIn about two to three days I read this book from front to back and loved every bit of it! It has a wealth of information about what is needed to grow black hair, how chemicals like dyes or relaxer affect the structure of our hair,  building a regimen and managing the moisture/protein balance our hair needs. Audrey Davis-Sivasothy is a certified trichologist, lecturer, a health scientist and member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

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