The Best Natural Hair Products

The Best Natural Hair Products

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  • Hello, I belive I have 3c-4b hair., I wear it short. of course with my age, I find my hair is thinning. I what would like to know, what is a good natural hair product? Ihave been using Design essential shampoo and conditioner. I also use the wave by design cream to enhance my curls. Please advise. thankyou

  • Hi, I’ve recently went natural (about a year ago) and did a big chop in May. I have 4c hair and currently seem to find it very hard to retain my curl definition after i do a twist out. I’m currently using the LOC process with cantu for leave in, castor and coconut oil as well as Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie as my cream. I usually keep my twists in overnight, but the curls don’t last more than a day before losing shape (especially at the ends). Is there any suggestions on what I should be doing? Maybe a different/more products or use gel to retain the curls?

  • I am 64 and mostly gray now. As the gray steadily comes in my hair has become more wirry and less manageable. I have had it with perms and have tried every hair care product you can think of: Gabrielle Union Flawless, Shea Moisture, Carol’s Daughter, Curls, Etc… I have been doing natural for over a year. As time has progressed and I am totally done with worrying about and dealing with my hair, I have decided to do Sister Locks and will begin the process beginning around early October. Wish me luck .

  • Mel J, Where can I find the products you mentioned?

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