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  1. Hey in going natrual trying to get my hair to grow any suggestion on hair products ? I really don’t know anything about hair

  2. Hello: I did the big chop 2 years ago. I did the extensions and my hair grew out about 6 inches. I am 60 and have gray. A friend suggested coloring my hair which I did not know about the peroxide in it. So, back to a chop over the summer 2016. Also, I thought that I had 4C hair most of my life and treated it accordingly until finding this website. I actually have 3C hair and have adjusted my products. What is a good daily regimen to I quit shedding my little end coils? The change in products has reduced the shedding oh so much, but I still have it. I am also at the mercy of my hair as I can’t control it. My hair length now is about 5-6 inches.

  3. My son has two hair types; the front type is soft and full while the sides and back type is so dry and very hard, after combing it still look uncombed. I’ve tried few products but not getting satisfied result. I desire his hair full, nice texture and easy to comb. What do you advice.

    • I would advise that you use a product that has some weight to it. It’s important to note this will not change his hair, but just make it easier to work with. Always use water or a water based moisturizer first, then use a heavy creamy product. This will help stretch the hair and seal in moisture.

  4. Hi my name is Joan, and I am 59. I have always had nice full of hair. Now I’m experience thinking in the front of head, and at the top. I wear my hair natural now. What should I do?

    • Make sure you are not wearing styles that pull too tightly on your strands (too tight braids, too tight ponytails). Get the manipulation of the damaged areas low (avoid even brushing these areas too much). Apply an oil like castor oil or emu oil to help nourish the area.

  5. I recently cut all my hair and started all over. I am following every rule in the book making sure to use the loc method. I have 4c hair and my problem is every time I wash my hair I have a lot of hair in the tub after. even when I put the creams in my hair, I find a lot of strands in my hands. is it natural for me to have this type of shedding? I mostly stick to shea products, and raw shea butter.

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