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  1. My hair is very soft and fine but I used to have nice thick hair and long. I need to know how can I get that back.

  2. I’m always wearing my hair in braids and sometimes want to wear my hair out sometimes , It sheds a lot , always dry , really thick and it always falling out and cant seem to find anything to do with it . My question so do you have any good products or suggests that will help the grow of my hair and hair styles that may help ??

    • While wearing your hair in braids always make sure your hair is being moisturized with a water based product, a spray product will be the most handy. I am not sure if you are referring to braid extension or braid with your own hair, but if you are wearing extensions you have to make an extra effort to moisturize to make sure the moisture is penetrating through the braids. I thought the Dark n Lovely Moisture LOC spray was really good when I was wearing crochet braids.

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