The Best Natural Hair Products

The Best Natural Hair Products

Keep reading to learn all about making the best choices when it comes to natural hair products. Waste less time and money by becoming an informed consumer!

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  • hello, I have sensitive scalp so whenever I am trying to detangle my hair So I was wondering what product should I use to make it easy for me to detangled my hair and help grow my hair

    • Detangle your hair only after it has been dampened with water or product. Also make sure you work with your hair in sections and comb from the ends with a wide tooth comb and work your way up.

    • Fazenda,

      Please try Taliah Waajid “The Great Detangler.” Just put a little on your tangled areas and work the cream through to untangle. This product is a leave-in conditioner and co-wash that softens hair on contact.

      In reference to hair growth, I found two incredible products on Amazon. Since the end of December of 2015, I have been using Beautifully Bamboo products, which consist of a bamboo tea that I drink twice a day, by steeping one tea bag twice with no sugar. You can drink this tea cold or hot, with sugar, honey, or whatever you like. The other product is the bamboo silica vitamins. I stumbled on to these products by accident when doing research. These products are good for the skin, hair, and nails. I can honestly say that after about three weeks after I started my regimen, my hair has grown faster, and has become very thick. My nails are also growing faster and they are stronger. Please go to Amazon and read the customer reviews. These reviews helped me in making the smart decision to try these products. I am glad I did it because not only do I nourish my hair from the outside, I am now providing a better source of nutrition on the inside. Good luck with your hair journey, as trial and error shall eventually yield successful results!

  • I’m looking for a shampoo and conditioner that can make my natural hair more soft and manageable. After I wash my hair it’s very brittle and hard to manage. I usually use Aragan shampoo and conditioner but that only worked for a little while in my course, thick hair.

  • Hi, Pls I need help, my hair is very soft and it cuts all the time, I have just done the big chop a week ago, I want to go all natural and I need all the help I can get from you all to start this journey for a better hair growth mostly my front hair. Thanks

  • As I Am cocunut cleansing conditioner is amazing . my daughters are mixed and it works great for there hair !

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