The Best Natural Hair Products

The Best Natural Hair Products

Keep reading to learn all about making the best choices when it comes to natural hair products. Waste less time and money by becoming an informed consumer!

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  • Hello, where can I get all this product

  • Hello! I was wondering if you mean you use the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque as a styling creme rather than as a DC treatment. Is that what you mean? I would like to try this product but I want to know what it actully does best before I get it.

  • I used to use the Olive Oil Foam Wrap lotion but now I use Nutress Hair Foam Wrap Lotion. It dries a lot quicker, leaves my hair softer, and doesn’t leave any residue. They seem to have changed their packaging this year and it seems as if they improved their formula as well. I absolutely love love love this stuff! You should give it a try. 🙂

  • Hello everyone,
    Any comments on Dr Miracles hair product range?

    • Not a fan of it. I have tried other products that work better but it all depends on your hair. I use Creme of Nature Argan line as well as the Shea Moisture line. Love them. Stick to what was posted here. All of these products are great.

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