Here’s what should be in your products:

Make your own natural hair product


STEP #2 Use these oils to seal in moisture

#1 Jamaican Black Castor Oil – This oil is my jam! It’s super thick so a little bit goes a long way. One of the best all natural ways to seal some moisture into your hair.

#2 Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil has a similar composition to sebum, a natural moisturizer that our body produces. I found it works exceptionally well for sealing in moisture and the health of my ends.

#3 Coconut Oil – This oil works particularly well for pre-pooing purposes. Used on your hair before cleansing can reduce the dryness that you experience afterward and also helps protect against hygral fatigue. It has also been shown to be good for sealing moisture in and penetrating the hair strand.

#4 Olive Oil – Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is another great sealant with the ability to penetrate the hair strand. Best of all it is commonly found right in your kitchen!

#5 Avocado Oil – An oil that deeply penetrates the hair shaft. Make sure it’s the real stuff an not just an extract to get the most benefit.

castor oil

Step #3 look for these ingredients in styling gels and creams

#1 Honey has antibacterial properties and makes for a superb moisturizer. It also helps to give products the hold that you need.

#2 Flax Seeds produce a moisturizing hair gel that defines your curls.

#3 Marshmellow Root an all-natural ingredient that adds the hold you need without drying your hair out.

#4 Shea This rich butter adds to the thickness needed for delivering great style while also loading your hair with nourishment.

223 thoughts on “The Best Natural Hair Products

  1. I just cut off the perm from my hair and have about 3 inches of new growth. Am just beginning the transition and is very nerves .I have been wearing wigs to cover up but want to go natural. Iam 66 years old and have always wore perms. What products would you recommend for me to use

    1. Hello Joyce! I would like to recommend you Ancient Hair Secrets natural hair care products. According to my experience these products are very helpful for your all hair problems. You must try once. Thanks!

  2. my hair is curly very tight to the scalp soaks up moisture all at once and most of all my hair somewhat soft to the touch.I’ve gone natural in the last 6 months and I try to keep it with a close cut but I want to let it grow out now but……. it just goes straight to the scalp and there’s no heat put to my hair at all.I seriously need help.I think from the scale on the web site Ilooked over Iam a 4b

  3. I’m finding hair soloists are untrustworthy worthy. I just had my locks comb out and we started off good, my hair looked healthy but very thin which was expected. It’s been six month now going every two weeks. The last visit she clip my ends and now my hair looks like it have more split end than ever. This was just a week ago. My hair was more manageable at the beginning and even look good straighten or natural. But on a few visit my far head had bunt marks which I brought to her attention. Being I decided to get it straighten again being the last natural style she did was not a success. She tried something new and what ever she put in my hair dried it out. It seems it is a struggle placing back to its moisture state. My har is a reck i need help!

  4. Hi, I am struggling to grow my natural hair, I think my hair type is 4b (thin, curly, easily break/weak)though not sure of this type. I cant straighten since it doesn’t last a day, when i braid, it comes off fast and becomes itchy. You can hardly see my scalp when making braiding lines but they cut off easily as they grow and ends up becoming few especially at the front, my back and sides are longer. Kindly help. I have shaved twice with the hope of starting afresh but no luck.

    1. It sounds like you are over-manipulating your hair. Type 4 hair is very delicate and too much manipulating will lead to breakage and not seeing adequate growth. Try wearing it in twists for a while so you can retain growth. I use a twist cream from Exotic Hair Products to twist my 4c Coils. I also experienced breakage too because I was trying to brush my hair back and force it into a style I didn’t have enough length for at the time. Between that and the overuse of gel my edges broke off. I used a product called Ettenio Scalp Restore and within two weeks I saw considerable growth in the bare spots. You should look for a good hair twin lol that you can discuss your hair issues with and who will provide you with good tips. Maybe an active forum or Facebook group. But you can also find a good 4b/c hair blogger or vlogger and follow their journey. That helped me out a lot back in the day too.

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