The Best Natural Hair Products

Here’s what should be in your products:

Make your own natural hair product


STEP #2 Use these oils to seal in moisture

#1 Jamaican Black Castor Oil – This oil is my jam! It’s super thick so a little bit goes a long way. One of the best all natural ways to seal some moisture into your hair.

#2 Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil has a similar composition to sebum, a natural moisturizer that our body produces. I found it works exceptionally well for sealing in moisture and the health of my ends.

#3 Coconut Oil – This oil works particularly well for pre-pooing purposes. Used on your hair before cleansing can reduce the dryness that you experience afterward and also helps protect against hygral fatigue. It has also been shown to be good for sealing moisture in and penetrating the hair strand.

#4 Olive Oil – Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is another great sealant with the ability to penetrate the hair strand. Best of all it is commonly found right in your kitchen!

#5 Avocado Oil – An oil that deeply penetrates the hair shaft. Make sure it’s the real stuff an not just an extract to get the most benefit.

castor oil

Step #3 look for these ingredients in styling gels and creams

#1 Honey has antibacterial properties and makes for a superb moisturizer. It also helps to give products the hold that you need.

#2 Flax Seeds produce a moisturizing hair gel that defines your curls.

#3 Marshmellow Root an all-natural ingredient that adds the hold you need without drying your hair out.

#4 Shea This rich butter adds to the thickness needed for delivering great style while also loading your hair with nourishment.

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  1. Can you give me some of the names of the brands you mentioned in you article for the oils to seal in moisture and the brand names you would suggest in buying for the styling gels and creams? There are so many items on the market that claim to be the best product and they really are not. Can you purchase these items from
    Tha k you for this article.

  2. whenever i do twistouts on my hair the ends doesn’t curl, they stay straight for the most part. I don’t know if im using the right products or if the method for performing the twist is correct.

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