Black Hair Growth

Black Hair Growth

Steps to Growing Healthier Hair Today


Follow these three steps and you will see a difference in the length you retain. Read more about each step so you can understand what it will take to reach your hair length goals:

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102 Responses to Black Hair Growth

  • I have type 4c hair I have been growing it for 18mths and I barely see any growth recently it started falling out it gets dry so often n trashy what can I do to repair it

  • I have been natural for maybe 2 years now and my hair has barely grown. I recently trimmed my hair hoping and praying that it will help with growth. Will it? Why hasn’t my hair grown in freaking forever??

    • Outside of trimming what hair regimen you are doing to maintain your tresses? How often are u washing and keeping your hair moisturized?

  • I need help on know what to use on my hair to make it grow and what I can use to wash it so it does not get dirty fast. I usually have to wash my hair once a week because it I don’t it seems like dirt is piled up in my hair. Another issue that I have is that when I get my hair blown out it does not last. It does not matter rather I sweat or not or if its cold or hot outside. After about 15-20 mins my hair is reverting back to curly is there anything I can do. All comments and tips are welcome.

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