Black Hair Growth

Get the Complete Breakdown – 30 Days to Healthier Hair

My hair use to always be dry, matted and even though I was natural it STOPPED growing. See my hair now. Get my Healthy Hair Bundle which includes: Grow it Kinky eBook started guide (the in depth, step by step guide for growing kinky textured hair) and as a BONUS also get 7 Things You Didn’t Suspect That Are Stunting Your Hair Growth and… 4 EASY Recipes That Grew My Hair Past My Bra Strap. You are getting 3 of my best selling eBooks for the price of 1. Now that’s a steal Get the Healthy Hair Bundle today and Grow it Kinky.

116 thoughts on “Black Hair Growth

  1. I need help on know what to use on my hair to make it grow and what I can use to wash it so it does not get dirty fast. I usually have to wash my hair once a week because it I don’t it seems like dirt is piled up in my hair. Another issue that I have is that when I get my hair blown out it does not last. It does not matter rather I sweat or not or if its cold or hot outside. After about 15-20 mins my hair is reverting back to curly is there anything I can do. All comments and tips are welcome.

  2. I have been doing once-a-month treatments with Olaplex followed by steaming for two months now. My hair sheds less and is getting thicker.

  3. I have very thin hair and it’s also short and it’s very damaged, I’m not sure where to start to get my hair thicker and more healthy. I was hoping someone could help.

    1. What products are you using? Are you using a brush on your hair? If yes, dont never use a brush.

      1. Why can’t you use a brush for your hair?

        1. It causes breakages

    2. I have thin hair too. I have come to find out that a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Take care of your scalp and drink lots of water, cause you have to take care of the inside as well. I have been using Curl Again Rosemary Mint Citrus Natural hair and scalp balm, Its the!

  4. I recommend taking a hair, nail skin vitamins
    To start the reason is I’ve lost my edges from
    Being stress with depression I just did the big chop this month but I take vitamins called shedavi hair
    Vitamin I’ve noticed some regrowth that with in 28 days
    Of taking the vitamins trust and believe it been an
    Journey losing my edges so I stop using flat iron
    No blows drying I purchased a wig which is human hair but I do not ware it every day to cause more shedding or hair loss no relaxers nothing just get well-balanced meals drink plenty of water it help me hope this help some

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