Black Hair Growth

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117 thoughts on “Black Hair Growth

  1. I have a 20 mo little girl I have type 2a curls and she has 3c I’m at a lost on how to keep her hair moisturizerzed without it being greasy. I hate the blue magic coconut grease because it doesn’t stay it just looks dirty for a day then her hair drys up I don’t want so much damage so young. Any advice

    1. I wouldn’t recommend grease. Try a good moisturizing leave in conditioner for moisture:

      Grease if you decide to use it is good when you have used a moisturizing product first then follow up with the grease to help seal in the moisture and prevent moisture loss. Oils, grease, or butters on their own will not moisturize hair.

  2. I have type 4c hair I have been growing it for 18mths and I barely see any growth recently it started falling out it gets dry so often n trashy what can I do to repair it

    1. Wet hair daily. Add conditioner or cowash. Use shampoo weekly or as often as needed. Apply vegetable glycerin. Twist out or plait. Or plait the bottom for straighter roots and twist the ends. It’s a myth black people can’t wash their hair often. Wrap or let air dry. Micro clip straggler ends monthly at first (cause we hate to see a lot of hair on the floor). Then every 2 months. At some point you’ll start to be aware of exactly what your hair needs and when. You’ll be able to make your own products. Organic and natural only.

  3. I have been natural for maybe 2 years now and my hair has barely grown. I recently trimmed my hair hoping and praying that it will help with growth. Will it? Why hasn’t my hair grown in freaking forever??

    1. Outside of trimming what hair regimen you are doing to maintain your tresses? How often are u washing and keeping your hair moisturized?

      1. I don’t actually use a hair regimen. I wash my hair maybe two-three weeks. I cut it this summer; I cut it all the way down to where I had, maybe, a half an inch on my head and I would like to say that I have seen much growth since then. People have been telling me that my hair is growing quickly as well. I just keep my hair in protective styles, take it down, wash it, and either wear it out for a few days or do another protective style.

  4. I need help on know what to use on my hair to make it grow and what I can use to wash it so it does not get dirty fast. I usually have to wash my hair once a week because it I don’t it seems like dirt is piled up in my hair. Another issue that I have is that when I get my hair blown out it does not last. It does not matter rather I sweat or not or if its cold or hot outside. After about 15-20 mins my hair is reverting back to curly is there anything I can do. All comments and tips are welcome.

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