Steps to Growing Healthier Hair Today


Follow these three steps and you will see a difference in the length you retain. Read more about each step so you can understand what it will take to reach your hair length goals:



  1. Terry Ann Marcelle says:

    I am trying to grow my hair but it taking to long wat product I can use

    1. hello beautiful, please do not look for quick results, patience is key!
      i learnt that the hard way!…. take your time,do the right things , avoid the wrongs and try to stop monitoring her…she’ll bloom again

  2. Is rice water and chebe advisable on 4b hair

  3. Can someone please tell me what’s going on with your hair when it feels like knots are at the end of you hair. Please let me know what I should do about this.

    1. They are called fairy knots! I have 4a/B hair and i get them often if i don’t deep condition and keep my ends trimmed. It happens mostly with tighter curl patterns. Here’s a link explaining them and how to treat them.

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