Black Hair Growth

Black Hair Growth

Steps to Growing Healthier Hair Today


Follow these three steps and you will see a difference in the length you retain. Read more about each step so you can understand what it will take to reach your hair length goals:

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101 Responses to Black Hair Growth

  • I too am having issues growing my natural hair. I have been on my natural hair journey for about a year and half now and I really haven’t seen much change in the growth or manageability of my hair. I don’t use heat on it, except when I decide to blow dry it the odd time, and most of those cases I don’t fully dry my hair because it becomes WAYYY too dry and hard to manage. I have tried protein balancing shampoos and conditioners plus the implementation of a laundry list of oils-coconut, olive and Jamaican castor are just to name a few. NOTHING seems to work! I just wanna give up and shave it all off LOL. Its just become soo thicke and hard to manage- seems to be thicker and more coil-y than I remember it being as a kid (btw, I’ve have my hair relaxed since I was about 6/7 years old). At the starting of my natural hair journey I was completely against cutting off the permed ends, but finally about 6 months ago I did the big chop and to be honest, I haven’t seen much growth. The only real difference I have seen is an improvement in the look of my hair line and edges. Oh, and I’ve been wearing wigs A LOT because I feel like I can’t do any other styles that I feel comfortable rocking with this short length. Twist outs just don’t seem to suit me…maybe I’m doing them wrong?
    PLEASE, someone help me or suggest some kind of product I can try to promote growth. I’ve also tried those supplemental biotin tablets, which honestly probably didn’t work because I gave up on taking them. But at this point I’m opened to trying anything because I’ve just about given up and leaning towards relaxing it again, which I REALLY REALLY don’t want to do.

    • Biotin tablets are not worth it, you are better off just eating a healthy diet and taking a women’s multivitamin if you feel you need it. It’s more so about the way you treat and care for your hair that will determine how much lenghth you will retain. Also keep in mind you may have a ton of shrinkage, which will make it appear that your hair isn’t that long. Check out this page for more info:

  • Heya,
    I have been reading and really going into what I should do to my hair but I have a slight delimma my hair is one texture but it grows at diferent rates! Um, the back is sooo short while the middle and front are slightly longer. I’mat whits end and I really need some advise. Idk what I should do to stimulate growth I do, do protective hairstyling, oiling, and moisturizing and I’ve been doing so for more than a month but my hair is still the same length. Idkkkk, and I really do not want to cut my hair if the rate of growth is this slow :'( I really want to grow back my hair am I doing somethign wrong???

    • Hey there loves allot I’ve had the same problem except what everyone was advising me to do before I TRANSITIONED was to cut it all off. I refused to do it however…I manned up and decided to try every alternative method. I had to start paying special attention to the back of my hair and baby it (so to speak) I made it a habit of moisturizing my hair and using growth treatment (doctor miracle helped). I did have to trim a little of the back but I didn’t shave my head or anything. It turns out that my hair was really damaged and it just needed some TLC for it to start keeping up with the front. Only problem I had after was the different lengths which could be resolved by trimming the front once you have a acceptable amount of length in your desired areas. Its also very important that if you sleep with your hair out you wear a satin cap and use a satin pillowcase to reduce breakage and retain moisture so your new growths don’t shrivel and die.

  • Hello,

    I have hair that stops midway between my shoulder and elbow but in the front it won’t grow. I haven’t had my hair cut for about four or five months and that was up to my shoulder since it broke off from chlorine from my pool. It keeps growing in the back but it also comes out a bunch. My suite mates tell me we could start a wig business from it. Im not sure what I can do about it since my hair is not like most black women’s. It doesn’t curl on its own or with heat after a while and it looks like a lions mane but I want it to grow and curl without harming it…

  • Hi,
    I havent had a perm in weeks and my hair is really damaged, short, and breaking off. I am thinking about going natural but I don’t know where to start. I am washing my hair today, and after being washed and conditioned, what should I do as a semi-weekly routine? I have leave in conditioner but should i still blow dry my hair?

    • hi i see noone has replied to your comment so i thought id give u my advice and what ive learned on my natural journey.. 🙂 if you are serious about going natural your results will be amazing you just have to be patient and stick to a healthy regime. i personally would stay away from heat as u say your hair is damaged last thing you want to do is further damage your hair. just allow your hair to airdry after washing and as for products only use natural products no sulphates/parabens etc.. (google this) shea moisture have a great line but you can search online and find out whats available if you are unsure. after washing you should try the LOC method.. its basicaly stands for liquid (water) oil (i use jasmine oil) and then a cream to seal! i use my curl enhansing smoothie from shea moisture but you can choose what you pref im just giving you an idea, i know its confusing when you first start your journey. if you apply your products in this order u will find that your hair will retain moisture longer therefore prevent dryness which can lead to breakage.. when you find some natural hair products you want to try use them in that order n see how your hair feels. when washing your hair use a protein treatment once a month this will strengthen your hair its important as you say you have damaged hair because chemicals strip the hair of protein so youll want to add this back. always follow up with a deep condioner and deep condition weekly this will add moisture and helps manage your hair too espescially with tangles etc. i deep condition every ten days when i wash my hair and protein treat my hair once a month. i detangle my hair when wet carefully using a wide tooth comb or my fingers… after every wash i apply my products to my damp hair using the LOC method as i mentioned above.. and simply air dry.. after my hair is dry i then put it in a bun which i wear throught each day until wash day then i repeat the same regime! btw i chose to wear a bun but there are other protective styles you may prefer you should google this there are tons.. protective styling is good because your hair isnt exposed as much to daily wear and tear and as your hair needs tlc right now the less you do the better.. my hair was severly damaged from chemicals and it broke off inches. now a year later my hair is bouncey much healthier and has grown loads. its really rubish at first cause you will want to see results and believe me wearing your hair up and tucked away all the time gets frustrating but it is worth it! and the year had flown by. i love my hair now its bouncy and i wear it out more now as it looks alot better and is much healthier. i always keep my wash regime though and stick to natural products and i am continuing to have healthy hair. i hope ive helped you a little 🙂 and i apologize that this is long. all the best on your journey x

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