Black Hair Growth

Black Hair Growth

Steps to Growing Healthier Hair Today


Follow these three steps and you will see a difference in the length you retain. Read more about each step so you can understand what it will take to reach your hair length goals:

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103 Responses to Black Hair Growth

  • It seems like wrapping my hair every night has damaged my edges, but at the same time, wearing it out drys it out. Suggestions?

    • Are you pulling your hair back super tight into a ponytail? Or tightly wrapping the scarf around? If you are applying too much tension, it can thin out your edges. You want it to be secure if you are going for a sleek style, but avoid doing it overly tight.

  • I’ve been natural for more than 7 years, but I have bad retention. I dyed my hair once 6 months ago and the roots are about an inch and a half, but I swear my hair is only slightly longer than when I dyed it. I take Hairfinity vitamins and 1000mg of MSM every night and use Jamaican castor oil dressing (with beeswax, no petroleum products) about once a week or so… it’s too greasy to use daily.

    It’s impossible to get black haircare products or find professional black hairstylists where I live (in Taiwan) and most companies won’t ship their products here.

    Anyway, I don’t know what to do to get my hair to grow and to be thick.

    • Hi there,

      I would consider peotective styles i.e. Twists, braids, crochet, wigs. Try to stay away from the hair dye, sometimes it chances your texture and it can really dry your hair.

      Also, the climate where you are located could be a factor. So look that up as well, weather can play a major roll when it comes to our hair. Make sure your diet is correct. Eating healthy and just having a healthier way of life not only aids in having healthier hair, but it is a better way of life.

      Exercise , exercise, exercise!!!!! Make sure your body moving. You have to keep the blood circulating.

      Remember, a healthy mind, leads to a healthy body, which results in healthy hair.

      • Braids and twists tend to rip my hair out and make it even thinner.

        It is very humid here and almost never gets below 50°F which has been very good for my skin so presumably also good for my hair.

        I will try to be more active. I lost over 60 lbs two years ago and I hope to eventually lose 100 more to get to my ideal weight.

  • I am transitioning. I think the texture of my relaxed ends have changed and I do not know what to do. My relaxed ends were smooth, for the most part, and straight. I decided to get Marley twists and I kept them in for a month. After I took them out, my hair felt a little different. I washed it and it was matted and just a mess. Ever since then my relaxed ends have mocked the texture of the Marley twists and they stay dry and won’t take any moisture. It just sits on top of your hair.

    • I wouldn’t worry about this because ultimately you will be cutting your relaxed ends off. Your ends are going to experience some degree damage which ultimately is going to be unavoidable. If you are not regularly trimming, your relaxed ends tend to remove themselves and break off themselves. The point where your natural roots and relaxed ends meet are a weak point.

    • Hi I am trasitioning and I am starting to have knots between the natural and permed hair. What should I do . Also, my hair is breaking off please help.

  • Good information! However, I do think Biotin is an awesome supplement. I take it everyday. I also think the Big Chop is a huge myth and not always necessary. I simply stopped using relaxers and got my hair trimmed regularly. Not my hair is totally natural.

    My choice was to work with a good hair stylist who embraced no-relaxing hair styling. It makes a huge difference. Stay away from stylists who claim you “need a perm” or other such nonsense.

    Right now I’m wearing braid extensions. However, I am removing them in a couple weeks (beach season is about over for me) and return to bi-weekly wash/flat iron appointments. (By the way, I barely TOUCH my hair in between these appointments. So I agree that low maintenance, low manipulation makes BIG difference).

    I also have another stylist on deck who specializes in no-heat styling who I would like to try at some point.

    I also totally agree that natural hair really grows faster and stronger. My hair stylists are all but shocked at how long my hair has gotten. Who knew??


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