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Protective Styles, Sponsored

Change it Up With Lace Front Wigs Without Sacrificing Your Edges and Actually Protecting Your Hair

Style by HairVivi Sometimes as a woman you want something different, something spicy and a wig is a protective style that can give you the change you are looking for. Maybe you want to try a bob hairstyle but don’t actually want to cut your hair. Or perhaps you want a sleek look, but you …

Hair Care Tips, Moisture

Moisturize Your Hair Without Making it Too Greasy

Natural hair thrives when we nourish it with heavy creams for moisture but what we want to avoid is greasy hair. No one wants to get up from their chair and have Jheri Curl residue for everyone to see, it’s embarrassing and just not necessary. Here’s how you can achieve moisturized hair without the fear …

Hair Damage, Transitioning

7 Ways to Reduce Breakage as You Transition to Natural Hair

As you transition to natural hair you may be finding that breakage comes easy but there are ways that you can mitigate this damage until you have completed your transition. Here are seven ways you can keep breakage to a minimum: 1. Keep your new growth protected. This can be achieved by using a braid, …

Hair Care Tips

4 Things to Do When Your Hair Won’t Let You Be Great

Did you expect to have the tameless, mind-of-her-own, fun but stubborn, beautiful but frustrating type of natural hair when you joined the movement? My guess is maybe not. But natural hair is sort of like raising a child. And you made the commitment so you can’t turn back (I mean, technically you can but we’d …


Wearing Natural Hair as a Celebrity

This article was originally written by Kimberly Elise. People ask me all the time about my natural hair. I meet women every day who want to wear their hair in its natural state, but don’t feel quite ready yet. I understand. It’s a personal and sometimes very emotional journey. And the stigma linked to the texture and quality of …