Natural Diva Spotlight: Ima

What was your relaxer experience like? I had relaxer for only 8 months but was natural my whole life. Relaxer for me was a bit traumatizing, I felt very lost and non beautiful. My hair looked lifeless, dull, and was constantly shedding like a dog. Even nature seemed to be against it by constantly attempting […]

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Natural Diva Spotlight: Alicia James

Black Naps interviews Alicia James The Music   Please tell me a little about yourself, your background, your music etc. I was born in Houston, Texas, but raised in Philadelphia Ms. Now; I am back in Houston, Texas. lol! I love life, my family, and I love music. I can be a really laid back […]

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Where to find shea butter

Where to Find Shea Butter

Where to Find Shea Butter If you are seeking raw or organic Shea Butter it can typically found at your local African market or online. Usually Shea Butter in stores, even at Whole Foods from what I have seen contain some sort of ingredient that alters Shea by refining or processing it. Shea Butter that […]

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Brenesha’s Natural Diva Spotlight

Tell me a little about the history of your hair? I have always had strong healthy hair.  My mother took great care of my hair.  I got my first relaxer at about 13.  My hair was still thriving beautifully.  Fast forward to age 28, after the birth of my daughter Ayzha (Asia).  For some odd […]

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Soft and Beautiful Botanical Lite Creme Moisturizer Product Review

“The unique natural formula moisturizer conditions and maintains beautiful hair.This Lite Crème Moisturizer utilizes a non-greasy formula to completely condition your hair and scalp. Also, the unique combination of plant extracts will help maintain and control your beautiful hair.”  My Thoughts on This Product Way back when, when I was in my transitioning phase of […]

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