pre-tied turban headwraps

Quinette of Sweet Embrace

Tell us about yourself Quinette. My name is Quinette Collins and I am the owner and creator of Sweet EMbraCe LLC. As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and Public Health professional you can imagine that time is a precious and valuable asset to me. But as a black woman, it’s our motto to just get stuff […]

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how to see split ends without using heat

How To See Split Ends Without Using Heat and Trim Them Away

When your hair is curly split ends are not always easily seen so many turn to heat for better visibility, but you do not have to. The easiest way to see split ends without using heat is to braid or twist your hair in medium size sections. Hair that is healthy has the same thickness […]

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natural hairstyles older black women

15 of the Best Salt and Pepper Natural Hairstyles for Women 50+

It’s time to celebrate the grown and sexy again (See our post: Aging Naturally- Hairstyles for Mature Naturals) with some style ideas featuring salt and pepper hair. Style inspiration is definitely much needed and often neglected when it comes to our mature naturals. So we scoured the net to find inspiration just for you!

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quick and easy natural hairstyles

Quick and Simple Natural Hairstyles That Don’t Take Forever

Sometimes “ain’t nobody got time for that” so we rounded up some easy go to natural hairstyles that are perfect for beginners and can be quickly achieved. Never have a bad hair day again, turban headwraps are a style saver!

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Becky Mashaido of Kiasili

Tell us about yourself and your natural hair journey. In 2014 I was a college freshman miles away from my Mother who had been the expert in taking care of my hair before going to college. I started by using cheap mediocre oil ingredients that claimed to be of good quality. I remember buying tons […]

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