Braiding an Essential Skill for Natural Hair

To prevent tangles and hair breakage, basic braiding and twisting skills are a necessity. Especially for those of us with tightly coiled hair, if we go to bed continuously without twisting or braiding the consequences are brutal. Although its seems easy to throw that scarf across your afro and go to sleep take the time to twist or braid your hair in medium to large sections.

Now there are many women that say that do not know how to braid or twist their own hair, but as a natural you at least need to know the fundamental basics.For those who have shorter natural hair, you will not be able to put your hair in a bun as a protective style, so in order to avoid tangles braiding is a must.

When you do not braid or twist your hair it becomes matted and tight to the scalp. Then when you are ready to comb it, your hair breaks off fairly easily. If you are not a good braider start off with the easier stuff:

Two Strand Twists

Comb Coils


Bantu Knots

You can always work on your skills as a braider by simply using them as protective styles for when you go to sleep. Your twists or you braids for bedtime do not have to be perfect. They can be sloppy, big, and the parts can be choppy, only you will be seeing it.  As you progress as braider you can start experimenting and creating different styles.

Then you can work your way up to natural hair styles like:


Two Strand Flat Twists

Cornrows and two strand flat twists can be a bit challenging if it is something that you are not use to. However, when you continuously put the effort into learning the technique give it a little time  and you will master it.  Instead of going to the salon and shelling out $40 or $50 bucks for a braided style you can do your own hair for free.

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  1. I have had a twa for about 8 months now. And it still looks the same from…i wanna say since my 5 month mark. I do not know how to braid my own hair to the scalp and its too short for big chunky twist. Ever since I BC I had one 2strand twist out that lasted about a day other than that I have just wrapped my afro in a silk bonnet and picked it out the next morning… I love my twa but right now I’m not seeing any growth I dont wear weave BC I like my natural look… The afro just gets old and I need a simple quick protective style that I wont be to lazy or to tired to do before I sleep ? PLEASE HELP … ????????

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