10 Inspirational Photos of Braids with Beads and Cowrie Shells

box braids with beads
photo of @myhouseofawesome

Have you noticed it lately? There has been abundance of stunning photos flaunting braids with beads and elaborate patterns. Do we have Solange to thank for re-emerging this trend? Also let’s not forget when Alicia Keys did it in the early 2000’s. You’ve got to love the afrocentric vibes beaming off of these styles. Seeing these photos can show you just how creative you can get with protective styling; it really doesn’t have to be boring at all. Overall, this curated pick of absolutely beautiful braid art in general is a good example of how there is simply no limit to what can be done with afro-textured hair. Our options are absolutely boundless!

tribal cornrow braids with beads
This photo is from a project entitled Braids and Beads by Nneka. “As a Nigerian born, visiting Ghana for the very first time last December was an amazing experience for me. The series “beads and braids” was something I fell in love with while in Ghana.”
You can find her on instagram @africanjawn. You can read more about the project on Stella Damasus’ website.

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  1. Hi I don’t relax my hair or braids any more my hair is all natural and my locs is coming along 7 plus month now.I don’t want anything with braids or weave,or perms.Thank you.

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