Caring for a Newborn’s Natural Hair Without Driving Them Crazy!

Newborn Natural Hair CareThe last thing I want is for my daughter to have negative feelings about getting her hair done like many of us had when we were growing up. I want to make caring for my little one’s hair as comfortable as it can be.

My approach has been to be as gentle as possible by doing the following: 

Amaya Curls#1 I only comb her hair when it is wet from taking a bath or I spray it with water or a water based product.

#2 I brush her hair out with the soft baby brush so her curls aren’t so tightly packed together.

#3 I then comb starting from the ends and work my way up. This is so important! I can see already that if I combed from the roots down it would definitely hurt.

#4 I use the LOC method to moisturize.

#5 To cleanse for now I only use no more tears formula baby soap or just plain water.

To implement the LOC method for moisture I used Vanessa’s Essence product line (I was sent this product to review and I did enjoy!)

I used the products for about two weeks. First, I tried out the products on my hair. Then I tried the hair mist on Amaya’s hair and then I eventually paired using both the mist along with the creamy leave in. And it does a great job! The hair mist is piratically gone already. I used it on the ends of my mini twists just about everyday, it was really helpful for helping to detangle my daughter Amaya’s hair and for defining her curls.

Vanessa's Essence Product ReviewAccording to Vanessa’s Essence in regards to the ingredients,”This formulation has Organic Aloe Juice that acts as a natural conditioner nourishing the hair follicles. The Rice Bran Oil stimulate hair growth and help prevent split ends, if you apply it regularly. The Shea Butter acts as a gentle soothing shield protecting your hair from dust and heat when you wear your curls down all day, leaving them silky and soft. The Castor Seed- Avocado Oil duo work to reduce breakage while nourishing your tresses with moisture”.

Vanessa Vandyke

This line is near and dear to my heart as it was birthed out of natural hair bullying of all things. A few years back, Vanessa Vandyke made headlines because school administration decided to take the side of bullies rather than doing the right thing. Kids were teasing Vanessa because of her hair and in response the school essentially said change your hair or get suspended. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense!

Vanessa Vandyke holding book

Vanessa holding my book Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair

This incident and others like it inspired me to author my children’s book Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair. Since then, Vanessa and her mother Sabrina have created their awesome product line, so it is amazing to see how great things can come from adversity.

Find Vanessa’s Essence online at


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