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Discover the causes of hair damage and how to prevent it from happening to you!

How to Repair Thinning Dreadlocks Before the Problem Gets Worse

Start taking action as soon as you notice thinning dreadlocks before the problem gets worse or there is irreparable damage. Take these steps right away to repair your locs: Stop re-twisting asap! Yes, I know you like how your locs look when they are freshly twisted but this is way too much tensions than your […]

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7 Ways to Reduce Breakage as You Transition to Natural Hair

As you transition to natural hair you may be finding that breakage comes easy but there are ways that you can mitigate this damage until you have completed your transition. Here are seven ways you can keep breakage to a minimum: 1. Keep your new growth protected. This can be achieved by using a braid, […]

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10 Tips to Save Your Hairline

Many of the hair loss challenges that women with curly or coily hair face can be attributed to two conditions namely: traction alopecia and chemically induced alopecia.

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grow bald spot fast

7 Things You Should Do to Regrow a Bald Spot Fast

For those who have encountered a bald spot, you know the feeling is not pleasant. Your emotions may range from shock to frustration, but before you lose it, here’s what you need to do to recover: SEE STEP #1 NEXT PAGE >

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Professional Tips to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair

Chemical treatments are used to change the texture and color of the hair. Chemicals are used in hair dyes, relaxers and bleaching products. The side effects of chemically processing the hair can cause damage, leaving the hair burned, dry, brittle and rough. Of course, it can also result in a loss of curl integrity.   Stopping the chemical […]

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