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How to Repair Thinning Dreadlocks Before the Problem Gets Worse

Start taking action as soon as you notice thinning dreadlocks before the problem gets worse or there is irreparable damage. Take these steps right away to repair your locs: Stop re-twisting asap! Yes, I know you like how your locs look when they are freshly twisted but this is way too much tensions than your […]

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remove buildup from locs

Remove Buildup From Locs by Clarifying With These Options

All naturals, whether you are rocking or fro or locs should clarify their hair, but when you wear locs it is of the utmost importance. Unlike free flowing natural hair, locs easily acquire buildup and since the tresses are not loose buildup often gets trapped into locs. For starters you should be using lightweight products […]

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Best Dreadlock Products

10 of the Best Dreadlock Products For Healthy Buildup Free Locs

Wondering what are the best dreadlock products to use? Whatever you decide is the best fit for you the most important factor is it should be lightweight. Locs are prone to buildup; products and debris are not easily removed from your strands. Which is why heavy waxes and butters are not the way to go. Go […]

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dreadlock care info

7 Things You Should Know About Dreadlocks Before You Start Them

Spare yourself from suffering from buildup or breakage by being knowledgeable before you start your dreadlocks. These are tips that I wish I knew when I wore mine way back when: #1 Use light products Being that your hair will be locked up and not worn out loosely it is easy for buildup to get […]

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Anti Itch Spray for Scalp Remedy

Simple Itchy Scalp Hair Spray Remedy

Taymer’s Anti Itch Braid Spray recipe is awesome, but I don’t have cool ingredients like hibiscus powder or sweet orange essential oil (although I wish I did!) so I ended up creating my own simplified version, that works amazingly well at keeping the itchies at bay. Here’s what I have been using: Spray bottle Filtered Water – […]

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