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4 Techniques for Preventing Frizz in 4C Hair

One of the most common issues among naturals with 4C hair is frizz. This only gets worse during the summer months, especially if you live in a high humidity area. Because type 4C hair tends to have little to no curl definition, most rock twist and braids outs to create a more defined curl. After […]

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Have You Tried Non-Foaming Shampoos? You Should….Here’s Why

When you think of shampoo, no doubt one of the first things you think of is a rich lather with tons of suds and bubbles. But did you know that the foam that you see is usually created by sulfates? Sulfates are drying to natural hair and can leave your hair feeling stripped after a […]

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Why You Should Use Heat to Maximize the Benefits of Deep Conditioning

If you’re looking to infuse some serious moisture into your hair care routine, then a good deep conditioning treatment is what you need. It provides the hair with exactly what it needs to create the most defined curls and promote maximum health. It’s best to deep condition regularly or as your hair needs it. For […]

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Going Natural is About So Much More Than Hair

by Lynetta Carson-Owens Stylist, Author, Coach As a natural stylist of 20 years, I’ve seen so much heart ache and pain in relation to hair loss from chemical damage. After 3 or more decades of consistent chemical use, thinning and hair loss is almost as good as guaranteed. Looking at the women I serve […]

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How to Get the Best Experience Using Raw Shea Butter

Shea Butter is an emollient rich in nutrients that is perfect for sealing in moisture to your hair and body. However, if you don’t know how to use it properly you may mistakenly believe that this women’s gold is not to your liking.  Here’s what you should know to get the maximum benefit from this […]

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