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Why Braids Do Not Grow Hair and You Are Not Seeing Progress

You’ve heard that protective styling grows your hair, so eager try this method you go for it. You try box braids, crochet braids and end up going months tucking your hair away but not much has changed. Is this you? Here’s why braids do not grow hair and many often end up seeing lack luster […]

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The Comb is the #1 Cause of Hair Loss and Lack of Growth in Kinky Curly Hair Textures

Did you know that your comb and how you use it is a big part of why your natural hair won’t grow? Aside from moisture issues, the manipulation of your hair is one of the top reasons that you are not seeing progress. Especially in the beginning most naturals comb their hair all wrong. This […]

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Onion Juice for Hair Growth: Does it Work and What are the Benefits?

Onion juice for hair growth is a popular home remedy that many naturals are beginning to use. Think you can bear the smell? Here’s what you should know about using an onion juice treatment: There has been some research about how effective onion juice for hair loss is. A small study found that… Almost 74 […]

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The Benefits of Rice Water Rinses

With my sensitive scalp, I am always looking for natural alternatives to products in my regular hair care regime. Rice water is one of those alternatives and it is packed full of amazing benefits for both skin and hair. Rice water has been used for centuries in East Asian countries to keep their skin looking […]

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Protective Styling Not Working for You? Here’s Why it’s Not Growing Your Hair

Protective styles range anywhere from your basic bun and can include styles with added hair like box braids. However, if you are constantly wearing weaves or braid extensions are you really protecting your hair? In order to have healthy hair you must have BALANCE. You must have balance in everything that you do which includes: […]

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