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how to see split ends without using heat

How To See Split Ends Without Using Heat and Trim Them Away

When your hair is curly split ends are not always easily seen so many turn to heat for better visibility, but you do not have to. The easiest way to see split ends without using heat is to braid or twist your hair in medium size sections. Hair that is healthy has the same thickness […]

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Updating Your Natural Hair Regimen for Spring Talk With Kimberly Elise

When spring time approaches many naturals are ready to let their hair down after protective styling their hair during the cooler seasons. We had a talk with Kimberly Elise about how to transition to spring time styling while keeping your hair healthy. The main takeaways from our discussion: #1 Take a protective approach to maintaining […]

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natural hair won't grow

The Comb is the #1 Cause of Hair Loss and Lack of Growth in Kinky Curly Hair Textures

Did you know that your comb and how you use it is a big part of why your natural hair won’t grow? Aside from moisture issues, the manipulation of your hair is one of the top reasons that you are not seeing progress. Especially in the beginning most naturals comb their hair all wrong. This […]

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9 Ways to Grow Healthy Hair Regardless of Age

By Mumbi Dunjwa at Naturaz As we age, things change and hair unfortunately is one of those things. Fortunately, there are steps that we can take that will help mitigate the thinning and hair loss we experience.  As a quick reminder, tight hair styles, harsh chemicals used in permanent relaxers or texturizers or frequent use of heat […]

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Moisturize Your Hair Without Making it Too Greasy

Natural hair thrives when we nourish it with heavy creams for moisture but what we want to avoid is greasy hair. No one wants to get up from their chair and have Jheri Curl residue for everyone to see, it’s embarrassing and just not necessary. Here’s how you can achieve moisturized hair without the fear […]

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