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Find all of the must know information about Natural hair care such as detangling techniques, co- washing, pre-pooing, natural hair product info, and natural hair growth tips.

4 Things to Do When Your Hair Won’t Let You Be Great

Did you expect to have the tameless, mind-of-her-own, fun but stubborn, beautiful but frustrating type of natural hair when you joined the movement? My guess is maybe not. But natural hair is sort of like raising a child. And you made the commitment so you can’t turn back (I mean, technically you can but we’d […]

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How to Keep Color-Treated Hair Moisturized

Color-treated hair comes along with special needs and a call for extra care especially when your hair is dyed drastically lighter than its original color. Neglecting to give your hair the upkeep that it needs in this state will absolutely result in brillo pad dry hair and breakage.  Here’s what you will need to do […]

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3 Reasons You Have Dry Hair Even After Moisturizing

by Kerone Maxineau (natural hair blogger at, Author, and an Occupational Therapist) Moisturized your hair, but your tresses still seem thirsty? Here are 3 reasons why: Lack of deep conditioning your hair. Weekly deep conditioning or deep conditioning on your wash days can help with dryness. You may have product build up on the hair […]

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How to Make Managing 4C Hair Easier

Taking care of natural hair, especially for new naturals can seem difficult and overwhelming. 4c hair in particular, if not properly taken care of can become very dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Part of the issue is that 4C hair doesn’t get enough love. There are a few great YouTubers like GlamMzMore and NappyFu […]

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4c hair

The Best Types of Products for 4C Hair

Type 4 hair can be the most fragile hair type leading to breakage. But if you keep it properly maintain and moisturized, type 4 hair can be incredibly strong and versatile. Because of the structure of coily hair natural oils from the scalp can’t travel down the hair shaft leaving the rest of the hair […]

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