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Find all of the must know information about Natural hair care such as detangling techniques, co- washing, pre-pooing, natural hair product info, and natural hair growth tips.

Why Oil is Not a Moisturizer and How You Should be Using it On Your Hair

Oil is not a moisturizer even though many people mistakenly believe that it is and some oils are also advertised as┬ámoisturizing when this simply isn’t so. The purpose that oil plays in your hair care regimen is that it works as a sealant. Many of us complain of wetting our hair and┬ámoisturizing it only for […]

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Winter Natural Hair Care

Winter is the Best Time for Protective Styling

The winter season tends to dry out your hair more than usual due to the lower temperatures. Therefore protective styling is the most ideal because it allows the hair to rest and maintain moisture. There are all types of different protective styles, such as braids, twists, buns and even hats. All of these styles retain […]

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What is PH Balance and Why You Should Care

As curly-kinky women we are constantly searching for products that give natural hair moisture. Many of us have little knowledge on how ph balance plays a role in how much moisture our hair will receive. When our hair becomes too dry, it becomes prone to excessive breakage and damage. Using the right product with the […]

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How to Band Natural Hair

How to Band Natural Hair By Melissa of the Hair Garden, LLC Banding is the process of taking natural hair and stretching with the use of ponytail holders. The holders are twisted tightly along the shaft of the hair manipulating the curl pattern to become looser.┬áThis is ideal for people who want to stretch their […]

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