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All the buzz about the best natural hair products.

Vanessa’s Essence Hair Jelly Review

Vanessa’s Essence is a natural hair care line designed to be safe and nourishing for little curly ones. I used their kit once before on my daughter’s hair and just recently I reviewed their Hair Jelly. Prior to actually styling with the product I used it for about a week simply to moisturize my hair. […]

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hair color no bleach

Get Vibrant Hair Color No Bleach No Chemicals! Perfect For Natural Hair

Get hair color without consequence. Many naturals love the idea of experimenting with new hues but don’t like the idea of damaging their hair from the chemicals and bleaches that are in hair dyes. But, have you seen this? You can get hair color no bleach, no chemicals and no damage to your hair. Unfortunately […]

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Wonder Curl Natural Hair Products

Wonder Curl: Clay Cleanser, Sealing Hair Butter & Get Set Jelly

Wonder Curl has added some new additions to their product line for us to review. I was already familiar with their Get Set Hair Jelly, which is perfect for moisturizing and wash n’ go styling. However, I was new to their Cleansing Clay and Sealing Butter which I recently used for a couple of weeks. […]

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hair dryer diffuser

How to Use A Diffuser On Natural Hair

Diffusers are great for drying your hair without disturbing the curl pattern resulting in lush, stretched bouncy curls. But if done incorrectly you could end up with a frizz ball. Here are a few things you should know about a diffuser and how to use it to make your wash day easier. What is a […]

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Kinky Coily Hair Kit by Kimberly Elise Naturals Review

Guess who has an awesome natural hair care line? Kimberly Elise! She has launched her very own Kinky Coily Hair Kit. Yes, to this! We have yet another black woman owned brand you should be in the know about. The Kimberly Elise Kinky Coily Hair Kit features: Step 1: Balancing Shampoo Step 2: Moisturizing Conditioner […]

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