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Jumbo Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

12 Bomb Jumbo Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

Sometimes, a simple braided jumbo ponytail is the answer. It takes 30 minutes or less to achieve and you are left with a gorgeous style outcome. Enjoy it for every day wear or add some spice for something more fancy. Done right this style surely will not disappoint. And no worries, you do NOT have […]

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stretched wash and go

4 Ways to Get a More Stretched Wash and Go

Love wash and go definition but not the shrinkage? Here’s how you can get incredible curls and more stretched hair. Tip #1 – Protect and Stretch Your Hair At Night At night band your hair or pull it back with a tool like the hair stretcher. This protects your hair at night and in the […]

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frohawk haristyles

20 Absolutely Gorgeous Frohawk Hairstyles to Feast Your Eyes On

Frohawks are a great style that is perfect for beginners to achieve that can be worn casually or made fancy for special occasions. This style is created by molding your sides down and securing the sides of your hair in place with bobby pins and or hair bands. You have the option of wearing the […]

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laid edges styled baby hairs

Laid Edges – The Best of the Best Photos of Baby Hairs Slayed

Baby hairs look absolutely gorgeous when they are styled. Laid edges give you the perfect finishing touch and give your look that extra pop. You can lay your edges whether you are wearing a simple ponytail puff or you want to make your braided style look more glam. Do you enjoy gazing at edges that […]

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best twist out products

The Best Twist Out Products and The Gorgeous Results

Take a gaze at these glorious twist outs. We have 10 must see styles you have to check out! In the above photo @Chloe_so_chic used Reclaim Your Crown Coconut Milk Twisting Creme to achieved for this twist out.

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