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Protective styles keep your routine low maintenance, they help reduce breakage, and grow longer hair. Browse some of our favorite styles.


Tips for the Braiding Salon

Have a good experience each time you decide to go to the braiding salon. To ensure that your visit goes well here are some tips: 1. Have a photo of the style that you want on your phone or printed out. Showing someone what you are looking for is way easier than trying to describe […]

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three strand twists

How to Three Strand Twist

Think two strand twists are awesome? Wait until you see three strand twists. They have a beautiful corkscrew pattern and when you undo them the results are fabulous. I found two awesome tutorials on how to recreate this look on YouTube: In this video the fundamentals or the basics of three strand twisting are taught. […]

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Havana Twists after 3 weeks

What You Should Know About DIY Havana Twists

Havana twists are one of the easiest braided extensions that you can do on your own.  1. they are thicker, 2. twisting them takes no time  and  3. your  parts do not have to be so defined.  When they are done you have a beautiful natural looking style that will last you for a month […]

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Fingercomber natural hair wig

Fingercomber Natural Hair Wig Review

    After seeing how realistic‘s natural hair wigs appear via their website, many were in love with their realistic look. Now that I have worn the wig for the past week and a half here is my review. Wigs are a great way to give yourself something new and implement protective styling. Not […]

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Two Strand Twists on Natural Hair

Easy Protective Two Strand Twists Style

 I was getting really bored of my comb coils, and I decided I wanted a different protective style that I could wear for a couple of weeks. This style took about an hour to create. After washing my hair with my Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo, I detangled my hair with Kinky-Curly’s Knot today […]

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