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Should You Explain Your Decision to Big Chop to Your Significant Other?

Back in 2008 when I decided to transition from relaxing my hair, I had been married to my husband for 8 years. Though I had made up my mind, I wondering how I would explain my decision to my husband. Would he even understand what ‘transitioning’ was? Would he not find me attractive anymore? I […]

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second big chop

Big Chop Again! Signs it’s Time to Get a Fresh Start

There are many naturals out there who find that they need to have second time around with what is called the “big chop”. Here are signs that’s time to take a leap and start anew: #1 Your hair has become impossible to manage and style The strategies that once effectively moisturized your hair no longer seem […]

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Tips for Feeling Feminine and Confident with Short Hair

Whether its the result of big chopping to start your natural hair journey, for the convenience of care-free hair styling, or simply a part of your signature look, short hair has always been on trend for women. Personally, I’m fan of big, long hair on myself, but a huge fan of short hair on other […]

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4C wash n go tutorial twa

Own Your TWA This Summer

When I first went natural, I thought my TWA was the worst thing in the world. I only rocked protective hairstyles in hopes of growing out my hair. Instead, using protective hair styles turned out to be the easiest way to neglect my hair. After realizing the damage, I finally gained some courage to rock […]

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TWA Chronicles: Jewell

What’s your TWA story? I decided to go natural in 2011 after moving to Chicago to attend graduate school and seeing so many women embrace their crowns around the city. Though I was born in Denver, I grew up in South Carolina since age 5 and never really saw women embracing their curls in the […]

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