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Advice, tips, and styles for transitioning hair.


7 Ways to Reduce Breakage as You Transition to Natural Hair

As you transition to natural hair you may be finding that breakage comes easy but there are ways that you can mitigate this damage until you have completed your transition. Here are seven ways you can keep breakage to a minimum: 1. Keep your new growth protected. This can be achieved by using a braid, […]

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7 of the Best Transitioning Hairstyles for for Beautiful Blended Looks

There is always a lot of talk about the big chop. Many women are taking the plunge and chopping off all there processed locks for their much shorter natural curls. This approach might be too drastic for you, but the idea of transition to natural hair over the course of a year or two years […]

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how to transition to natural hair fast

Ready to Go Natural? Here’s How to Transition to Natural Hair Fast

Transitioning from relaxed hair to naturally textured hair was probably one of the most challenging things I’ve done. I tried to transition for what was supposed to be a year, and ended up being 5 months. I couldn’t take it – I had no clue what I was doing! After a frustrating 5 months, and […]

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Styles That Give Transitioning Hair a Blended Look

While transitioning from relaxed hair to wearing your natural hair, it can be difficult finding hair styles that blend your straight hair with the newly growing textured hair. The tighter your curl pattern, the more obvious the point of demarkation (the point where your straight hair ends and your textured hair begins). When I was […]

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trim split ends without losing length

3 Methods for Trimming Split Ends That Won’t Rob You of Your Length

So you’ve got split ends and they need to be removed, like yesterday! How can you go about doing this? There are three ways to accomplish this task that won’t require you to lose too much length: Dusting Divide your hair up into 4 or more sections. Secure the sections with some butterfly clamps. Make sure you are […]

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