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Niiks Products
Niiks Products

Niiks Products

Niik Products is an herbal product line for delicate, sensitive skin and hair. These therapeutic products are created with the herbs and oils from all over the world and many from right in Albany, GA, USA. We have a great selection of herbs and oils from Haiti, Africa, South America, and Europe as well.

We strive to keep our brand eco-friendly in many ways. One way is by offering a refill option for you to send your bottles or jars to us so we can sterilize and refill it. Another way is our paperless invoicing. Once you make a purchase, your order receipt will be on your account or through email if you have opted in to our email list

The Niik brand is 100% natural or your money back guaranteed. We use the most luxurious and organic natural ingredients in all of our handmade formulas. All of our products are made with your delicate hair type in mind.



7 Reasons to shop with us today:


1. We are eco-friendly and committed saving our Earth. You can now get your bottle or jar refilled with a product of your choice and instantly save 15%. This 15% will go to a local environment committee.

2. We use essential oils instead of fragrance in our products which not only helps the environment but helps your skin therapeutically.

3. We use plant based ingredients ONLY.

4. We make custom products for people with special allergies (nuts, lemon, etc.)

5. We care about your skin health.

6. Our products are vegan, non-toxic, therapeutic, and luxurious.

7. Our products are guaranteed fresh and are cooked within 24 hours after ordering.

8. We are really 100% natural guaranteed or your money back!

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