Does Henna Condition Hair?

henna for natural hair

What is Henna?

Henna is a red-orange dye that is derived from the Henna Shrub. As a opposed to the current hair dyes on the market that contain harsher chemicals, Henna leaves a semi permanent stain by reacting to the keratin protein found on skin and hair. It can be used to lighten or darken hair and results may very depending on your natural hair color.

Will it condition my hair?

While Henna may cause less damage than the typical hair dye, currently there is no evidence that Henna actually conditions hair. Good conditioners lubricate the hair shaft and there is nothing to support whether or not Henna actually does this. While Henna is less damaging than a regular hair dye, the use of Henna should be kept to a minimum as it is still a hair dye. However, the benefit of using Henna is that you can actually mix it with a conditioner and this will actually condition your hair.


From the author’s experience

I used it some time ago, to lighten my hair. It was not a drastic change but it definitely gave me some shine and some nice golden overtones. In comparison to the typical hair dye, Henna is definitely a lighter product. If you are looking to add shine to your hair, highlights, or a slight change to your hair color without a harsh product,  I would definitely recommend Henna. While Henna alone may not condition your hair the advantage is that you can mix this product with all natural ingredients that can condition your hair.


4 thoughts on “Does Henna Condition Hair?”

  1. Just my 2C.
    I love the results of my 1st Henna experience. It covered my gray well, took some of the frizz away, and it did condition my hair. It has a different texture to it, which at first freaked me out, but as it dried it was actually a good thing. It seems to take a little longer to dry, but the results are fabulous. I big curler and then wrap my hair, as it drys. Then I do the hair iron, and so forth, and Henna makes it behave better. I LOVE the results.

    This is the best condition my chemically fried hair has been in for decades. I’m never going to back to chemical dye ever, even if Henna is a pita process. Worth it!

  2. While I agree that Henna does not moisturize the hair per'say, IMO it definitely still does condition the hair, though… When one uses BAQ (pure Henna) their hair is better equiped to retain moisture, it also strengthens and thickens the individual hair strands down to the shaft/cortex, thus resulting in less/no breakage & minimal usage of protein conditioners. I personally love Henna/Ayurvvedic/herbal hair care; I've experienced a dramatic shift in my hair's health since using Henna & Ayurvedic herbs. I usually mix them with yogurt and/or either herbal tea blends (loose dried herbs)…You have a strong, healthy and beautiful head of hair though, keep on doing what you're doing because it's working for you…

  3. Henna By Heather

    While I agree that henna doesn't do much to moisturize the hair, I think that the strengthening and shine-adding that it does really does improve the condition of one's hair. I recommend using body art quality henna like the Jamila henna powder available at

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