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  1. Wow!! change the mindset first!
    be patient dear,you’ll soon fall in love with your hair again
    i used to feel same some years ago…
    now i’ve got no regrets being all natural..

  2. Tsholofelo says:

    I think my hair is damaged. I’ve been natural since 2014 however I neglected it throughout & now that I’ve been giving it more attention, I feel as though I should big chop, I just don’t know, I’m sad & very regretful. I need some advice

  3. Tabitha says:

    My hair is relaxed and very long, but still very curly. I can’t dedicate much time for it on school nights, and weekends I don’t want to have to fill up with straightening and styling it. I don’t want extensions, and I can’t find anything for my problem. Help?

  4. Chloë says:

    I don’t know how to deal with my natural hair (after its dried from a shower)
    Immediately I get out of the shower, I braid it quickly and once it’s dry, I slather it in hair oil so it doesn’t shrink
    Is it bad that I can’t love my hair at its most natural state?

    1. No, it’s all about what makes you comfortable. Also when you stretch your hair you do get less tangles and breakage.

    2. Latrece says:

      No it’s not bad that you don’t love your hair in it’s natural state because you have been programmed to think that “straight” hair is easier and prettier! No worries I use to be the exact same way! Let me tell you I have been Natural since October,2014 when I shaved my hair as low as possible! For the first year I could not do a thing with it! My hair would frustrate me so much because I couldn’t style it and nothing I tried on it worked out for me like the YouTube video girls!
      I was so done! Then I learned to have PATIENCE with my hair and with practice I’ve gotten so much better at styling my own hair! I have found that flat twisting my hair gives me more defined curls and I love that look! I also really like doing Kinky Twist which is a great protective style because you don’t have to keep doing your hair and the style lasts for at least 10 days with me!
      I love wearing my Afro, even though I can only wear it for a day because my hair tangles but it’s great to let my hair breathe from time to time!
      Just experiment and I promise you’ll love your hair and be upset that you ever used chemicals in the first place!
      Because I have discovered that other nationalities love “Black Hair” and they wish their hair wasn’t so straight and plain! Think about…..we can be short and curly one day, braided cornrows the next day and rocking an Afro the next hour so Kinky Hair Is Definitely True Beauty and only the most beautiful women in the world have it!
      Take that with you Sweetie!😙

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