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  • I think my hair is damaged. I’ve been natural since 2014 however I neglected it throughout & now that I’ve been giving it more attention, I feel as though I should big chop, I just don’t know, I’m sad & very regretful. I need some advice

  • My hair is relaxed and very long, but still very curly. I can’t dedicate much time for it on school nights, and weekends I don’t want to have to fill up with straightening and styling it. I don’t want extensions, and I can’t find anything for my problem. Help?

  • I don’t know how to deal with my natural hair (after its dried from a shower)
    Immediately I get out of the shower, I braid it quickly and once it’s dry, I slather it in hair oil so it doesn’t shrink
    Is it bad that I can’t love my hair at its most natural state?

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