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  • Hey blacknaps

    My name is Tumi I’m from South Africa and I love this site it has helped me so much with my transition. I just need help with the hot oil treatments and how I should put it on. I feel I’m either not putting enough or find I’m half way through the bottle with my first try. Please help thank you

    • There’s not really an exact measurement- it depends on how long your hair is. When I do hot oil treatments, I warm the oil up a bit first and begin by massaging it into my scalp. I then slather it on section by section so that all of the hair gets covered. As long as all of your hair is coated, you’re good. There’s actually a great hot oil treatment challenge going on this month at Just Grow Already. Check it out here.

  • I have been thinking of going natural for awhile now but wasn’t quite sure if I would be comfortable with short hair. since I read more and researched and found out about transition am all for it. But my concern is the products recommended am not quite sure if they are in Namibia and I don’t have the money to ship in products. Please indicate if I can find this products in Namibia and for a affordable price.

  • I want to transition but my mom won’t let me because she says that I’ve been growing my hair for a long time and I just can’t cut it out let it gradually die while I grow my natural hair….. She doesn’t see our doesn’t want to see the bright side of this

    • Lashe,

      Maybe you can show your Mom what you’ve discovered about the benefits of transitioning to natural hair, including your favorite styles and tutorials. It might help!

  • Where in your newsletter can I find the discount coupons for natural hair products?

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