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  • I have been transitioning for about 6 months. All was going well. Recently after attempting a ACV rinse and a hair color in the same hour I experienced scabs on my scalp and burning and itching. I am trying to sooth it with coconut oil. Too much rubbing on the scalp to then add chemicals? I used the pads of my fingers. Ever heard of this before? Maybe not to a clarifying wash the same day as I put in my color? It was Shea Moisture color so not the harshest dye.

  • I am disturbed and frustrated about the young girl being pulled from school because of her hair.
    I am 35. I have been natural for 10+ years.
    I have heard family, friends, significant others and strangers comment on my natural hair, never an employer.
    I think it is still sad that women of different texture hair are discriminated against.
    I remember the days in school when the white girl flipped and teased her hair and left it on my desk. How the heck is that not a distraction?
    I would love to see the day where we realize our differences and let each person explore a appreciate their own.

  • I live in Toronto Canada and is having major hair issues at the moment. I cut my hair short about a year ago it the intention of just leaving it short and letting it grow because is was breaking around the edges and my hair is thin/fine to begin with. I then started to weave it where the hair dresser used the glue and that has only make it worse. I need some advise on how to start going back the edges of my hair and thickening it up a bit as well as the best products to use while my hair is n a transition stage. Help please!!

  • Last week I decided that I’m going natural. Right now my hair is braided so I’m fine. I’m just worried about what I’m going to do when I take it out. I’m so used to a quick wash and set. If anyone has any tips on getting started I’m all ears (eyes) lol

    • Take this time to find a style that you like. Styles that don’t require heat are ideal because you really don’t want to use heat as a crutch during your transition- it could lead to damaged hair down the road. Get on YouTube and check out different sets such as braidouts, twistouts, flexi rods, Curlformers, and perm rods, which are ALL great styles for transitioners because they help blend the textures together. You got this!


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