The Best Fall Hair Colors + Options That Won’t Damage Your Hair

With a new season, comes the desire to try something new, like a new hair color! Here are some recommended fall hair colors to try along with some options that won’t leave you with dry damaged hair.

Yes, permanent dyes do give you long term results and a dramatic color change, but if you are not for the upkeep required to keep your hair healthy try these options instead:

  • Eye shadow it’s a temporary solution but it works!
  • Henna – you can do browns, dark browns and reds without the damage. It’s a longer term solution than an eyeshadow, but it will not give you a dramatic color difference like starting from dark brown hair to blonde for example.
  • Hair color wax, another temporary solution that gives you a dramatic color difference instantly.
  • See more ways to experiment with hair color without using permanent dye.

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