How long does shipping take?
Packages arrive within 5-7 business days.

How can I track my package?

Once you make your purchase you will be invited to join the free Route app which will give you live real time updates.

Where is your warehouse based?

Georgia, USA

How much is shipping?
U.S. Shipping is a flat rate of $7.99. For U.S. orders that are $75 or more you will receive free shipping. International orders have a flat rate of $29.99.

What’s your return policy?
Due to the nature of the products and for the safety of everyone we cannot accept returns. 

What if my package has damage?

Our packages are insured. Please let us know and we will replace your products free of charge. 

Product Ingredients

The natural label certifies that the product contains organic ingredients.

The Vegan label means the product is made with organic ingredients and NOT made with any animal products like honey for instance.


For customer support needs please submit a ticket here.

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