Fingercomber Natural Hair Wig Review


After seeing how realistic‘s natural hair wigs appear via their website, many were in love with their realistic look. Now that I have worn the wig for the past week and a half here is my review.

Wigs are a great way to give yourself something new and implement protective styling. Not to mention, they are extremely low maintenance for you gals who are constantly on the go. So of course when I saw this product, I bought it right away like many others because it sold out rather quickly. As of now their product is back in stock and their site has new cool design.


How real does it look in person?

It looks very real, I am only a little disappointed that they do not have more hair color variety. My hair is naturally a dark brown and at this time they only offer the color chestnut black for the fingercomber unit. So while it looks authentic, I wish they offered something a little closer to what my hair color actually looks like. As far as the texture goes, it is very believable. My hair texture is quite similar to that of the wig and for people who do not know me personally may assume that the wig is all me.

Fingercomber natural hair wig
Me wearing the Fingercomber Unit


Fingercomber natural hair wig
I love my fingercomber unit!
fingercomber unit
The fingercomber unit is a good option for protective styling and transitioners


To care for your wig ideally you should have a Styrofoam Mannequin to keep the shape of the product. However, this week I have been quite lazy and have been placing it on my dresser instead. It is holding up quite well in fact. The shape is still all there and there are no terrible tangles or anything of the sort, which is quite impressive. But don’t do what I did! Use a Mannequin to protect your unit.

Is it secure?

Another thing that I would like them to improve on is the security of this wig. I usually love wigs that have the comb piece included because you can feel more assured that it won’t fly off your hair in the case of a gusty wind or an intense activity. However, this piece does not come with one and for added security I suggest you use some bobby pins so your wig doesn’t accidentally fall off. I also was struggling at first to figure out which way the wig goes on, but after playing around with it a bit, I was able to figure it out by seeing which way looked the best and the inside structure of the wig.


I love the wig and so do my friends! My friend Jen, who is considering go natural even tried it on for herself and said she would love something like this for her transitioning process should she decide to go natural. What I love the most about this product is the fact that I don’t have to go so far off from my natural look when I want to give my hair a break and implement protective styling. I probably will be ordering their Wash n Go unit because it resembles my hair color more. They also have a great tutorial on Havana Twists I would love to try!

Havana Twists

Product Care

Treat the wig similar to how you treat your natural hair, which means gentle care. Don’t comb through it roughly use your fingers instead. Braid,twist, and/or roll for a curly afro look. You can even wear the fingercomber unit twisted if you prefer. To cleanse use a mild shampoo, conditioner, and warm water. This is synthetic hair so you cannot use heat appliances on this hair, to curl you can use rollers and dip the hair in boiling hot water instead.

 *This review was not compensated. I bought the product for myself, because I really loved how the wig looked and I am sharing the review of this product with the Black Naps community.

15 thoughts on “Fingercomber Natural Hair Wig Review”

  1. This is the worst company ever, the units are not good especially the angle unit it is sparse and thin. Also once you purchase from them you are stuck they will never reply back to you.

    1. I am sorry for your bad experience. Fortunately for me, I have had wonderful service, fast responses, timely shipping, accurate tracking, and a wonderful product delivered to me within 5 days. Not business days. I ordered on a Thursday and had The Angle Balance unit in my (greedy little) hands by Tuesday the following week.
      Sure the units are delicate- HENCE THE ADVICE- TREAT LIKE YOUR OWN HAIR_ which i take to mean treat gently. You must also take into consideration how much you are paying for the units. SO AFFORDABLE.
      No I do not work for the Finger Comber company, but I stand on my chair at work to keep people from touching my hair now. Finger comber has really got something here, and for a fairly new company, they can only get better.
      I have ordered more and will reorder the ones I have as I know they wont last forever.
      I am the owner of sever seriously high priced full lace human hair wigs and this (these) are by far the most natural looking, easy blending beauties I have ever seen – purchased- worn. IN. LOVE.

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