5 Tips for Moving Forward Even When You Feel Frustrated With Your Hair Journey

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Deciding to transition from relaxed to natural can be an exciting and inspiring journey. For most women, it‘s more than just about their hair—it‘s a physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual journey. There are many stages, experiences, disappointments, and knowledge to be gained along the way. But what happens when you get so frustrated, that you start considering relaxing your hair? It can seem like the easiest solution to your natural hair woes.

Before you throw in the towel and detangling brush, here are five tips for moving forward even when you feel frustrated with your natural hair journey!

Tip #1: Accept that it is a journey. Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair definitely is a journey. For most women, it‘s more than just about their hair—it‘s a physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual journey.

Tip #2: Remember your Why. There are lots of reasons why people decide to start this natural hair journey. It‘s important to determine your why – why are you making this change. This has to be something your want for yourself and are willing to take the time and effort to learn in order to maintain the health of your hair. When you get frustrated, think back to why you made this choice in the first place.

Tip #3: Stop comparing. Everyone‘s hair texture is different. Yet they all have pros and cons, and are all beautiful in their own way. We each have different growth cycles as well, some of which involve our internal health, and some that are genetic. Don’t get discouraged when someone we know (in real life or online) seems to be growing their hair at amazing lengths, and your hair is not there yet.

Tip #4: Embrace and learn your hair texture and type. This goes way beyond curl typing, which many new naturals get hung up on. Curl type is only one small piece of your hair type puzzle. Hair density, diameter, and porosity are just as important to know, if not more important that the shape and size of your curl – which is all your curl type tells you. Learning all the characteristics that your hair has may make the difference when it comes to easily finding the right products and techniques for your hair.

Tip #5: Seek professional help. Last but not least, just because you’ve started a natural hair journey, you don’t have to trade in trips to the salon. Professional hair stylists who are knowledgeable in natural hair care can be a huge resource for you. It’s just like going to your dentist. You don’t have to go to the dentist very often, but you do go for check ups a few times a year. And if you have any issues that come up,  you go so they can identify the issue and offer treatment options. They have the training and tools that you simply don’t have. Same thing with a hair stylist. You don‘t need them to maintain your natural hair daily. But it is helpful to visit them every 3-6 months to get your hair evaluated and treated if needed.

Yes, making this natural hair journey can be challenging. But it can be rewarding as well. So when it gets frustrating, reflect on these tips to help you make it to the next wash day.

4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Moving Forward Even When You Feel Frustrated With Your Hair Journey”

  1. When I read this article it was just what I needed to hear. I’ve been on my journey 5 months now. My hair is in the hard stage when your hair is both relaxed and natural. What keeps me going is my reason for this journey, and the glimpses of light when something you try works. I go back and forth about getting a relaxer, but I also don’t want to start this journey all over as others have done. I only want to do this hard stage once. Thank you for giving me the motivation to keep going forward.

  2. Do you know of any natural hair stylist in San Diego, CA area. I have googled and haven’t found any, if you do, it would be life saving for me thank you.

  3. Needed this post more than anything. My hair growth feels stunted yet I look back i and I see how long it was in my youth and it makes me feel frustrated. So literally this week I’ve decided to go to the maintenance plan I had as a child. Weird right? Hopefully it works lol.

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