Get Vibrant Hair Color No Bleach No Chemicals! Perfect For Natural Hair

hair color no bleach

Get hair color without consequence. Many naturals love the idea of experimenting with new hues but don’t like the idea of damaging their hair from the chemicals and bleaches that are in hair dyes. But, have you seen this? You can get hair color no bleach, no chemicals and no damage to your hair.

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Unfortunately for a permanent change you do you have to use harsh ingredients to achieve a dramatic new color. However, if you are open to temporary color you can get the big change you are looking for without the commitment and strain on your tresses.

Permanent hair dye does dry natural hair out fairly easily and requires even more maintenance. So if you aren’t willing to put even more hours of labor into your hair bleaching is not the way to go. If you wear your hair short and are so concerned about length, then this may not be a big deal, but for those who are seeking to grow longer healthy hair hair color with chemicals will really slow your progress.

Whether you are seeking a new hair color just for fun or to cover some grays you can get vibrant color using a temporary cream based product without bleach or harmful chemicals.

Before you may have tried a hair rinse or a temporary spray and the results were lack luster. Often times these options show up more like a tint rather than a new hair color.

But times have changed! Naturals are transforming their hair to pinks, blues, purples, silvers and more with the help of Mysteek Naturals a black woman owned brand and member of our marketplace.

This product washes out in 1 wash session. You may also reapply color daily to boost the color to your liking or change everyday without fear or color damage. Wash it out for work the next day or mix the colors to get the desired funky unique color you’d like. Does not flake off like chalk nor does it make your hair hard and or dry like other products. Color without consequence!

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