You are lucky! You don’t have any issues absorbing or retaining moisture.

Your hair may benefit from the occasional protein treatment, if you think you have incurred or could potentially be exposed to heat or chemical damage. However, you should limit your usage of protein to an as needed basis.

Unlike high porosity hair, there are little to no gaps or holes that need treatment. So frequent usage of protein is just not necessary.

Hair with normal porosity has the least required amount of upkeep.

You may want to try products on the lighter side to avoid product buildup and weighed down hair, as heavier products are not a must have for this porosity type.


What’s In the Guide

#1 Why to Go Natural
#2 What You Should Know About Natural Hair
#3 How to go from Relaxed to Natural Hair
#4 Know Your Hair Type
#5 What’s Your Hair Porosity Type
#6 What Products Do I Need?
#7 How to Create a Natural Hair Regimen
#8 Natural Hair FAQ

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