It’s Time to Change Your Hair, 4 Hairstyles for a New Look

New Hairstyle OptionsMaybe 2016 is the year you finally go natural. Maybe it’s the year you make the conscious effort to grow your hair healthy, instead of just long. Or maybe you just want a new look for a new year. No matter your reason, a new hairstyle can be a great way to kick off a new year.

The “new you” can be achieved as easily as changing your hair.

Whether you are looking to add volume or length, experiment with color or make a drastic cut, here are four ways to change your look for the new year!


Kinky Curly Clip in WeaveSource: Xotica Hair Instagram

You used to have to go straight (or wavy) if you wanted extensions. But now you can get natural hair extensions to perfectly match your curl pattern. You can commit to a sew-in for a longer term protective style or clip-ins for a fun night out or date look. Best of all, with natural hair extensions, you can blend your leave out without using heat or use a natural closure that will make your style look flawless. Extensions are also great for transitioners who want to ease into natural hair styling or naturals who want to safely experiment with different styles without damaging their hair.

Crochet braidsCrochet Braids

Source: My Natural Sistas Instagram

For those with more time than money, crochet braids are DIY and cost effective alternative to bundles. You (plus a friend or two) can easily knockout crochet braids in a couple of hours. Depending on the type of hair, you can get an afro or twist out style or heat set the hair into a wand curled style. Crochet braids are also a great way to experiment with color. For $5 a pack you can try the deep purple or fiery red you’ve been wanting to try without dyeing your own hair or extensions.


TWA Hairstyle Jojo Abot

Source: Facebook

Ok, so maybe you don’t want to add hair, but instead, you want to remove some. Now is a great time for you to do the big chop or get that trim (or a bit more) you desperately need. Either way, a cut is definitely a way to easily change your look. And it doesn’t have to be a sign that your life is going terribly wrong! Refresh your style with a cut that frames your face or makes your hair look healthier (and sometimes even fuller) with a Devacut. Let go of those dead, split ends and those straggling straight ends that are holding you back.

Faux locs

Faux Locs

Source: Savannahhperkinss Instagram

For the edgy girls or those looking to start locs, you can again ease into the style with faux locs. This protective style is again something you (or your friends) can easily install. You can get the look of long luscious locs without having to grow and maintain them for years. If you’re normally a braid or twists girl, this is a perfect way to subtly change your look. And of course if want to start real locs, installing faux locs just might be that push you need in the new year.

How are you planning on changing up your hair in the new year?

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  1. Am a beginner and I need tips on how to grow my hair my own caz down at were I am is difficult to get some of ur product am in Ghana Africa.tnks looking forward to ur answer u rock?

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