1. When you do the big chop must the relaxed hair first have growth at the roots or must I go bald for me to grow natural hair ???

  2. Yes I’m thinking about transitioning. But I need help. I don’t know what to do. I’m done with perm. I perm my hair about a week ago. So I need help in this transitioning.

  3. Ok so I have did the big chop already to my hair I didn’t go completely bald I had about 2 inches of my hair on my head I then bleach and died it red back in sept 2016 it’s now august2017 my hair is about 6-7 inches long but I’ve been having trouble with my hair growing out evenly also just last month I trekked to make my curly pop by putting a curl activator in it and I didn’t know that it was similar to a relaxer and ended up relaxing my hair and now I’m thinking about doing the big chop again because I want to be natural and this is the first relaxer I done had in a year so what should I do ? Cut off my hair completely that way it can grow back evenly and natural or just cut the relaxed end and just let it grow out ?? Please help me I need answer fast

  4. Hi! I’m already natural, but my hair still has a little damage. I want to color it just a few shades lighter by putting straight dye in, not bleaching it. My hair is dark brown. Will this damage it further, and if so will deep conditioning help? thanks!

  5. I would like to have natural hair from relaxing. Am from Kenya help me to know the products

  6. Okay so i decided to do the big chop my hair is now short but its still not yet natural what do i do ?

    • Yea I started to big chop my hair 2 months ago I’m now in the awkward stage at the moment. Yay!

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