1. i was nautral for 2 years and just relaxed my hair on my birthday one month ago Im goimg to transition back to nautral. But i will not do the big chop this time . Good luck sis God bless.

  2. hello NATURAL Ladies I was natural for 8 yrs and decided to Relax my Hair in NOVEMBER of 2016 for Thanksgiving I hated it .NOW I am going back NATURAL no relaxer since then WHAT is my time FRAME for me to be complete.I love our Natural Hair Women.I did the BIG Chop the first time but i am not going to do it this time any ADVICE


  3. I replied to someone …and…decided to share to help someone else…it takes Courage. .”Courage – DOING IT AFRAID”…..but…you GAIN so much for having doing so…

    Cut it…Cut it.. Lol…my hair grew faster when i didn’t wrestle with the length. ..also…i followed
    MOKNOWSHAIR …YT and for 6 months my hair grew like crazy…it actually got too long…like a loin’s mane…and i did it…YUP, permed it…😩😥😥😥..i cried while the perm was in…i knew i took a wrong turn…sooo…i tried for another 6 months…breakage, splitties, dryness and MORE GRAY…lol…soooo in 12/2016….I CHOPPED CUT and CHOPPED…and 3 months later …my hair has grown 2 inches…its healthy and i still hate the short baldy phase….but i know what to do and i just embrace the season i’m in….also, a couple days ago i began to watch. Jaemajette on YT…she is so funny…and motivating…and she shared her entire hair journey….very grateful for my experience…i still follow MKH and journaling my experience…my advice…recon with “yourself” to stick it out for four seasons…no changes but to stick it out…for four seasons.(a spring; a summer; a winter and a fall)…even if you mess up along the way…remember it only takes 9 months to carry a child so…image the changes that can happen in 9 months…thats with anything you face…trust God and imagine the joy or reaching the goal…pray for guidance and stick it out….
    i hope this helps you…sorry it was long but i wanted to encourage anyone who needed it.….2017!.


  5. I really really want to start going natural. I googled alot of pages, but still am unsure. I use to relax my hair, it is short so I am not really willing to do the cut-off. My questions is, how do I start. Which products can I use. Do u just wash and put on a “styling gel” from the range of product that I am going to use? I think that is my biggest concern – the process…. is it a wash and go (with the styling gel of whatever product) or is there more to the process of wearing it in a “bossiekop” style? I would really appreciate your help

    • Hi . Umm it will take about 3 months to get your hair natural just by washing it every 3-4 days and not relaxing it. Caster oil can also help but all you really beed to do is wash it and your hair will become more natural every time our wash it

    • Check out Miss Ken K on might help. I also started the process about a month ago and I must say some day I don’t know what the hell to do with my hair, its even tempting to go back to relaxer esp over wkends LOL. right know im trying to grow the relaxer out and concentrate on getting the new growth healthy, once it has grown a bit more i wil cut the relaxed hair right off.

  6. Hello everyone, so refreshing to hear of everyone experience with transitioning. Last March, I decided to go natural. Instead of getting a touch up, I got box braids, which I did not enjoy much, the braids were heavy and caused thining aroung the hair line. I took out the braids Friday before Memorial Day and told the stylist, it’s official, going natural. Now it has been 8 months, I go to have a wash, deep condition, style. I am much happier with my hair, I just wish I had the courage to wear my hair without the heat styling. I guess because my hair texture is fine/unable to hold curls.

    Take Care

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