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In order to go from relaxed to natural hair, you have two options: Transitioning or The Big Chop. Which one you choose is entirely up to you. There is no right way or wrong way to start your journey.

It’s all about what is going to make you feel comfortable. Each method has its own pros and cons that you will have to weigh out to determine which one is the best fit for you.

Take our quiz below to find out which method is likely to be the best method of going natural for your journey.

Which method of going natural is for you? Take the quiz now to find out!


Transitioning is the process of eliminating chemical treatments and allowing the hair to grow out while gradually trimming the chemically processed ends.

transitioning natural hairPros of Transitioning:

  • You have the time to learn about your particular hair type.
  • If you are not comfortable with short hair, then you can avoid that adjustment period, and avoid the wait of growing your hair back out.
  • During transitioning you have the time to perfect your hair styling skills.

Cons of Transitioning

  • The texture of your hair will not be consistent: which means if you decide to wear your hair in a twist out or braid out style the root of your hair might be curly while your ends will be bone straight (To avoid this simply roll the ends of your hair with rods or rollers).
  • The process of transitioning takes longer than if you just did “the big chop”.

Does this seem to be up your ally? See our step by step guide below.



The Big Chop

The Big Chop is for those who want to be natural now. It entails cutting off all of the relaxed hair and wearing a TWA (teeny weeny afro).

The Big ChopPros of the Big Chop

  • You have a consistent hair texture as opposed to transitioning where you have to deal with two.
  • There are no long waits to go natural; your hair is returned to its natural state as soon as your relaxed hair is chopped off.
  • With a big chop you have a fresh start no chemically processed hair and no split ends.

Cons of the Big Chop

  • Waiting to grow your hair longer
  • Learning to deal with an entirely new texture on the spot
  • Coming up with new short natural hairstyles.

Brave enough to go for the big chop? See what you should know before getting started.


It’s all up to you!

What you decide is entirely up to you. Go with what makes you feel good and what you feel fits your lifestyle. Remember there is no right or wrong way to go natural. As long as you get there it does not matter what route you choose.



  1. Emmy Green says:

    Did really big choppy my hairstyle put in small weave till it starts to grow

  2. I have really long hair and I tried transitioning for 9 months by getting protective styles like sew ins and braids my hair was growing out really fast but I still had long relaxer ins and I didn’t want to cut them so I gave up and got another relaxer now I’ve made up my mind again to try the transitioning natural thing out and I hope I go through with the process this time and should I cut off my perm ins or just keep getting protective styles and keep them ?

  3. i want grow natural but it seems like me that i dont have the patience to do it

    1. You can do it sis! You just have to find a low maintenance routine that works for you. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time on your hair, you need to wear protective styles (ex. two strand twists, buns) styles that do not require a lot of upkeep.

  4. I grow out my hair from relaxer it it been at least eight month but !y hair is still straight on the end I had it cut some could it be the hair dye I but on !my hair make it straight some and what should I do to get the curl pattern to come in I braid right down but my new grow slow come in could you please help me and I have rash came in my hair at the crown area it sore what can I do for it thank you

    1. To get your curls to come out try the as I am curling jelly which softens and strengthens your hair

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