How to Press Natural Hair


One of the beautiful things about natural hair is its versatility. Should you decide to press your natural hair here are a few things that you should know.

How to press your natural hair:

  • It is always best to start with hair that has been freshly washed and conditioned. You want hair that is full of bounce and not weighed down by product buildup.
  • For optimal results when you use your flat iron or hot comb, whichever tool you prefer, you want to have your stretched out really good. You can use a good quality blow dryer for this or you can reduce the amount of heat you will be using by either banding or threading your hair beforehand. Both of these methods are time consuming but, they leave your hair with a look that appears as if it were blow dried.
  • Section your hair off into 4 sections, using a clip to separate each one. Preferably you want to start from the back and work your way forward.
  • For each section you press make sure the sections you gather are not too big. This will cause you to go over a section of hair more than you need to. You want to gather tiny sections at a time so that the flat iron can effectively reach the strand from your roots to your ends.
  • When you are done straightening each section you can use your flat iron to lightly curl each strand under. To reduce your heat usage and for extra curl you can pin curl your hair at night instead. When you set your hair you want to use a product like a styling foam, rather than creamier or jelly like products that may revert your hair back to its curly state.
 One of my favorite tools is the instyler, because you can control the heat and it produces awesome results. Vlogger Jerseystylezz shows us how to press natural hair using the instyler in the video above.


  • Always use a heat protectant before using any heat styling tool
  • Try to straighten your hair on a medium setting rather than a high setting if you can
  • To maintain your pressed look wrap at night, roller set, or pin curl your hair
  • Keep your heat usage to a minimum you should not use heat on your hair no more than every two weeks, but if you can try to extend your heat usage beyond this time
  • If you notice that your hair is getting snagged on your clothing you may want to wear an updo for a portion of the time that you are wearing your hair pressed to prevent breakage and splits

Want to add extra length clip ins  are awesome! There’s no glue and you don’t have to worry about the itchiness or the commitment of a sewn in.

Clip in hair
Me with pressed hair and clip in extensions

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  1. Whenever I use the flat iron to straighten my hair, as soon as I reach outside the curls blow out. What can I do to get longer lasting curls?

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