How to Repair Thinning Dreadlocks Before the Problem Gets Worse

thinning dreadlocks

Start taking action as soon as you notice thinning dreadlocks before the problem gets worse or there is irreparable damage. Take these steps right away to repair your locs:

Stop re-twisting asap!

thinning dreads

Yes, I know you like how your locs look when they are freshly twisted but this is way too much tensions than your dreads can bear right now. Take a long an extended break at least a couple of months. I use to wear locs myself and even though I never experienced thinning I still would have times when I took a re-twist break.

Keep the manipulation of your hair low

Aside from not re-twisting you want to make sure anything that you do to your hair does not put too much strain on it. So this means avoiding super tight ponytails or wearing headbands that pull at your edges too tightly for example. Your dreadlocks are in a very fragile state and you must treat them as delicately as you can.

Nourish your hair with products that promote growth

Give your hair lots of TLC by using products that promote growth. Jamaican Black Castor Oil, products with Rosemary, and Lavender are great for encouraging growth. You can even make your own DIY Onion Juice Hair Growth Remedy, it contains sulfur which is gives your hair nutrients to thrive.

If the situation is really bad you may have to start over : (

Sometimes we need a fresh start and that’s okay. It’s better that you start anew rather than let the situation linger on and cause permanent damage from traction alopecia. When you get a fresh cut to remove damage your hair tends to thrive because there is nothing holding it back any longer. If the thinning is extensive don’t be afraid to make this move.

The best protection against thinning dreadlocks is to prevent them from happening in the first place by giving your hair breathing room. It’s okay to take a month or two to re-twist your locs, this gives your hair relief from strain and tension that causes hair loss.

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