Is Finger Detangling for You? See The Upside and Downside of this Method

Finger Combing

Many naturals have discovered that sometimes your hands just do a better job at detangling. Finger combing proves to be more gentle on your strands being that you can feel snags and tangles that you wouldn’t notice if you opted to use a comb. While finger combing definitely has its benefits this method is still not 100% perfect. See both sides (the good and the bad) to evaluate whether or not this method is for you:

The Cons

Every method has its downsides here are some things you should know before implementing this technique into your regimen.

Finger Combing Your Entire Hair Takes Forever!

If you thought detangling your hair with a comb takes a long time, wait until you see how long it takes to detangle your entire head finger combing it. Finger combing is definitely not something you want to do when you need to get your hair done quickly. This technique is best used for when you have time to dedicate an hour or two (time spent will depend on the length and texture of your hair) to finger detangling.

Sometimes Finger Combing May Not Be Enough

For kinky textured hair often times finger combing alone will not prevent your hair from matting. Which means you may want to use finger detangling as a way to get through all the major kinks first and then follow up by using a wide tooth comb.

It could be more damaging than combing 

When you are new to finger detangling you may encounter some challenges. You may not use enough product, you may be too impatient, or you may even discover that this method simply doesn’t work for you. While you are in the process of figuring out how to use this method best tangles will cause breakage. Which of course is definitely one of this methods draw backs.

Black Girl Long Hair has a good article about the possible pitfalls of finger detangling here.

The Pros

Obviously this method has to have some benefit otherwise no one would use it! Let’s cover how this method could be used to your benefit.

It will cut down on breakage when done properly

Once you have the hang of this method and you thoroughly detangle there will be a reduction in breakage. For those who have kinky hair types (4b and 4c) I am sure you are no stranger to seeing those tiny wisps of broken off hairs when you detangle using your comb. Finger detangling will cut down on the number of these that you see.

You can dry detangling your hair and reduce shrinkage

Naturals who experience tons of shrinkage are sometimes better off styling and detangling dry hair. Finger detangling can be done without the worry of experiencing excessive damage.

Detangling sessions won’t be as traumatic 

Finger detangling will not be as rough as your traditional detangling session with a comb. For the tender headed ladies out there this method may be just the thing for you.

You can retain more hair

Since you will not be losing as much hair to the comb you will retain more hair and more length.

Do you finger detangle? Have you tried it? Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Is Finger Detangling for You? See The Upside and Downside of this Method”

  1. I have to finger detangle like it or not, unless I want to rip through my coils. It takes for ever so I have to be prepared with patience and tlc.

  2. I have only just recently started finger-detangling but I must say I totally love it! It cuts my detangle time in half and it is also easier on my hair. The only down side is it doesn’t give my hair a smooth finish as a detangle brush does but I now finger detangle more than I use a comb to detangle.


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