10 Changes That You Can Make To Keep Hair Moisturized Longer

keep hair moisturized longer
Image Source:@lindaosuntade

As every curly girl knows, moisture is our very best friend. Without it, curls become dry, lackluster, dull, and extremely difficult to manage. On the other hand, curls that have and retain moisture are touchable, shiny and full of movement. Needing to find out how to add and retain a moisture to those parched curls? Just keep reading!

Here are 10 changes you can make to keep hair moisturized longer:

#1. Use a hair steamer to lay the foundation for moisture. These handy gadgets are definitely a curly girl’s best friend. They are great at lifting the hair’s cuticle just enough to infuse moisture into it. The cost? Around $70. But it’s definitely a great investment that will be worth every penny.

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