20 Adorable Kids Natural Hairstyles That You Can Easily Recreate

Many of the same styles that you know and love are perfect for your little one, like braid/twist outs and wash and go’s. There are so many fun and creative styles to try, and the possibilities really are endless. The best thing about most of the kids natural hairstyles shared on this list is that they are easy to create, so even if you are not the best styler you can achieve the look in practically no time. Here is a list of 20 adorable styles to inspire you for the next styling session.

Classic two puff style (my personal favorite growing up). It also happens to be super easy!

Bantu knot style with two braids. This can be worn for a week or so then when it is taken down you will have a curly style that will be long lasting.

Supergirl, with a beautifully defined short do. You can define curls by raking your hands through your little one’s hair with a good gel like Reclaim Your Crown Curl Elixir.

You can keep it simple with a fro, a cute bow, and keep it moving!

This style is very simple yet it looks really beautiful! The hair jewelry adds a nice finishing touch.

Fro hawks are very easy to create, simply pin the sides of your little princesses hair up with bobby pins.

Simple yet beautiful high ponytail puff.

This adorable duo with matching styles are too cute. You can take an old twist out and put it in a high ponytail to recreate this look.

Gorgeous twist out with cute pink bow.

Classic style, cornrows with black and white beads (another personal favorite of mine). These do take some time, but they will last you a while.

Define curls with braids or twists, let the style set for a couple of days and then undo for a curly look.

It may take a little bit more time, but two strand twists are fairly easy and they last a long time.

Lets, not forget about the little fellas. Like, these adorable twins.

He is so cute with his little curly fro.

Love his style. Tapered cut with flat twists pulled into a bun.

All smiles with his fresh tapered cut.

Loc frohawk with his shades on.

This fly duo with their high fades.

The edges on that cut are sharp!

Head full of locs, accented with an adorable bowtie.

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