1. I know this sounds weird but my hair has the 3b curl pattern but my hair texture is similar to the one of 4a. What hair regimen should I follow as I’m not sure what to do? Majority of my hair length shows, it doesn’t shrink much.

  2. The models featured all look mixed, so their hair types do not represent the whole spectrum of black women and your article does not show anyone of true African American heritage or the whole spectrum of black women hair textures which make up a more accurate representation of hair types. I personally do not see my own hair type represented here, which is very fine hair with a very soft baby texture, which is flyaway and flat with no body or much curl definition and I can’t identify my hair type from your article or photos.

    • This page is meant to give a basic overview of ALL curly hair types using the Andre Walker hair typing system as a basis. This system includes type 3 hair, which are women with looser curls(mixed, latina, or white women) and type 4 hair which most African American women have. Hair typing is not the end all be all, as it is limited. There is so much variation in our textures that is simply not represented with this system. What hair typing is useful for is giving a basic guide on what types of products may be best and how to treat your hair.

    • Based on my understanding of your comment, I think the complexion of the models is a different issue than their hair texture type. It seems that the hair types represented are a variance of all possible textures. Perhaps there could have been a darker complexioned model with 3b or 3c textured hair and like the 4b model featured, someone who has a fairer complexion with a more kinky hair texture. However, the description of hair textures would have remained the same, but your perception of the hair types featured may have been viewed differently.

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